Why a Career in Teaching is a Great Option?

teaching career

Teaching is one of the most rewarding jobs. You get to help students understand the world around them, ignite curiosity that could help them succeed later in life and shape their lives so they become the best versions of themselves now and in the future. Even with it being rewarding, teaching is very challenging, but the challenges are worth it once you understand how important the job is. In this article, we are going to look at why investing in a teaching career is a great option.

You Get to Shape Society

Teachers shape society by inspiring and educating the next generation. They give them the tools, skills and knowledge to form their own opinions, think independently, contribute to their societies as well as influence them in the future.

Teachers also do a lot more than impart knowledge. They are also responsible for teaching problem-solving, thinking outside the box, teamwork and so much more. Teachers also play a huge role in children’s emotional development as they are also friends and confidantes.

You Get Transferable Skills

Although you might need certification if you would like to work outside your home country, the skills taught when earning a teaching degree are transferable to most parts of the world. Teachers are in high demand in various parts of the world, especially for roles that require them to act as collaborators, communicators, organisers and problem solvers. Earning these skills can help you stand out and contribute to your professional growth should you ever decide to work outside your country.

You Learn the Value of Both Innovation and Tradition

As the world moves more towards innovation, tradition can become forgotten. Teachers become the custodians of tradition, helping keep it alive by teaching its values to a new crop of students every year. Also, they design lesson plans for diverse student cohorts and create unique learning experiences for different types of students. Teachers also get to manage data, stay on top of the latest teaching practices and research emerging trends, all of which are part of working with the latest innovations.

You Can Branch Out

Another great thing about teaching is that you can branch out later in your career if you do not feel as though you would like to continue working in a classroom. There are so many opportunities available outside the classroom. For teachers who have completed a Master’s in Education Degree programme, there are lots of teaching and instructing opportunities in the corporate world, especially in non-profits and businesses that need instruction. There are also teaching opportunities in places like museums, zoos and other areas that need instructors.

You Will Always Be Learning

Teachers work with children who ask hundreds of questions a day, and they are expected to have the answers to these questions. Teachers, therefore, are always learning and keeping up with the latest information to ensure they will always have an answer to any question they might get asked.

Whether you are learning about historical events or brushing up on your Spanish, your knowledge is always increasing. Also, you get to learn a lot of interesting things as you teach and gain other skills such as presentation, management, public speaking, discipline and leadership skills.

If you love learning and cannot get enough of new information, teaching might just be the best career option for you.

Holidays and Job Security

Unlike many other professionals, teachers get a lot of time off every year. Once students go home for the holidays, teachers do too. This gives teachers enough time to recharge, rest and spend some valuable time with their families. Teachers also work a shorter workday than most other professionals. They do not have to work overtime as frequently as other professionals and their days end earlier too. This gives them time to handle other things in their lives.

Teachers also belong to teachers’ unions. These unions help negotiate their salaries and benefits, and they also protect the right and interests of teachers so they always have the best working conditions. These unions also provide a lot of job security for teachers.

Lots of Independence

While it is true that teachers work within a school system in classrooms, have a fixed curriculum to teach, and can be monitored, they largely work independently in their classrooms. They get to decide how they approach lesson plans, how they engage students as well as how they assess them. Micromanagement is rare in education and teachers are usually autonomous. Because of this, teachers regularly report high levels of job satisfaction and emotional and physical well-being.

You Get Lots of Career Options

There are so many options in the teaching profession. Teachers can choose the subjects they will teach and even what levels of the education system they will be working at. Teachers can also branch out into administration or counselling if they have the skills, qualifications and experiences. To get into senior positions such as in administration or to become a principal, teachers need to complete a Master’s in Education Degree programme which they can do online while working on rising up the teaching ranks.

You Can Change a Child’s Life

Every child comes with a unique background, challenges, strengths and weaknesses, socioeconomic status and academic abilities. Some also have learning or other difficulties that make learning extremely challenging.

If you can help a child with any of these challenges achieve their academic goals, you can impact their life and change its trajectory. You can also give them a chance at a better life than the one they were headed for before you intervened.

Apart from academics, teachers also get to help children with their social skills. Doing so makes the children happier, improves their self-esteem and improves their chances of making friends.

Becoming a teacher is a very rewarding career choice. The main reason why you should consider investing in a teaching career is that you get to impact not only individual lives, but whole communities. It is rewarding to see how you put a child on a better life trajectory just by being their teacher.

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