Why the Visual is Still Important


As an increasing number of shops are moving online, what your business looks like will be ever more important. Just as shop front or display window would have been vital to draw in the traffic off the street, you now need good SEO to ensure that your shop is found. What has changed you might ask?

Online is the New High Street

Shopping has been on the increase and although the high street may be empty, online shopping has become the norm. Window shopping now happens at the click of a mouse, everything has changed and the way your business adapts will be a key decider as to your future success. However, the more things change, the more some will stay the same. Looks are still important and the way your business is portrayed in the new online format will be vital in deciding how well you do.

A traditional marketing approach has always had a visual component – whether it be flyers or blogs, what they look like is what initially draws the customer in. The advice continues to be that the first impression counts or costs, so make yours a good one. Have a professional guide you through the branding and design process for your business and be sure that your vision comes through as strong as it would if you were a physical shop.

Head to Tail Marketing

Online has become a competitive space and one must be sure to get the best you can from your designer. It is recommended that you go with a firm that has done reputable work already, but also does ‘whole of spectrum’ type of work, from the initial brand design to your web and marketing stages. CocoonFX media is a Design Agency Birmingham and a great example of a firm that follows the head to tail approach. Keeping the entire design process in focus. This is important to keep your design and branding process aligned. It is bad for business to have a wonderful website and an associated blog with an entirely different design feel. It throws the audience and muddies the branding message – your business must always be recognisable.

Clear Messages

You want clarity. Your vision, mission, services, and products can all be referenced in the design, colour and visuals used. A picture has always said a thousand words and will continue to do so. If you want some of the traffic that has flooded the online space in recent times (and is predicted to keep growing) then you must stand out from the crowd, and the simplest way to do this is to make the visual count as much as possible.

Regardless of the colours you choose or the design you like, ensure that it is being used as a key part of your marketing strategy to draw customers in. Repeat business based on reputation is great, but as the footfall increases on the internet, keep your neon lights flashing and your brand front and centre so that you too can benefit.

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