Yify: What Happened To The Site + 12 Alternatives! in 2021

Enjoy torrents? Well, it’s never been hard to pirate movies, but for a long time, one website quickly rose to become the number one source for illegal movies: Yify is also known as YIFY. If you head to any popular movie torrent site right now, you’ll notice that the majority of HD releases are Yify uploaded videos. The Pirate Bay, for example, lists 72 YIFY uploaded movies in its Top 100 HD movie section. In five years, over 4,500 infringing titles have been shared on such sites, and before YIFY uploaded movies were shut down, new movies would appear every few hours. With Yify uploads and the company gone, torrent sites face becoming stagnant as the pace of new releases drops. What also hasn’t been considered is the effect the site’s demise will have on streaming plugins. While the MPAA and Hollywood studios have enjoyed their success in shutting down various versions of the BitTorrent-based platform, users have subscribed to its many copycats. Hence, we bring you our list of Yify alternatives:

12 Yify Alternatives To Choose From If You Missed Yify! 

If your YIFY movies are not working or are facing trouble while downloading YIFY movies don’t be worried as there are many countries, which banned these websites to stop piracy. You can use some of the best YIFY or YTS alternatives. 

Yify Alternatives: 


Known as the best Clone torrent website, 1337X is the best alternative if you are using the YIFY movies website to download the movies and multimedia. Its clean interference made this website simple to download movies, apps, anime, software, television, movies, application, and more!

Pirates Bay

Pirates Bay is known as the best overall Yify alternative to download Movies, Music, PDF, and software. Pirates Bay stores millions of torrents, and simple user interference, really great for the newbie. It also supports magnet links making it simple to download any file within a split of a second. This site changes its domain name but you can find many mirrors for the pirates bay such as thepiratebay.vip, thepiratebay.rocks, thepirate-bay.org if you’re facing any trouble. 


CmoviesHD is a good alternative to Yify thanks to its large selection, quick results, and a number of features to simplify and facilitate browsing such as searching for foreign films in their original titles. The website is also fast, vibrant, and boasts an intelligent design that is easy to see, particularly if you prefer to navigate in a dark color scheme. 

One thing to keep in mind is that some of the ads don’t load. Fortunately, the quality of content they offer or the security of downloads has nothing to do with this. So you can watch Cmovies without risking anything in your favorite films. In conclusion, it makes it look like you use a top platform for steaming. 


This one has an outstanding selection of films! Movie4k is another perfect alternative not only for those who favor Hollywood films or action films but also for European film lovers. Besides international films, users can find popular all-time movies such as everything between 90’s TV shows and new blockbusters. No wonder the torrent is so popular all over the world, and is translated into many languages. This is one of the reasons why their choice of links is so vibrant and growing continuously. 

This website has a simple search engine and provides IMDb metadata so that users can read reviews and suggestions instantly. While Movie4k has no Yify torrents, it is capable of providing a multilingual environment and a range of films. It is not surprising that Movie4k is undoubtedly probably one of YIFY ‘s best alternatives!

Kickass Torrents  

Kickass, an old player in the torrents game, is the best alternative to YIFY if you are facing issues while accessing movies. On the kickass website, you can find a neat and clean list of the most popular torrents. This website is perhaps less used but can still provide users with a huge library that helps with traffic in a really short time. If you’re used to a wide selection of movies YIFY has to offer, go ahead and try Kickasstorrents. 

Please Note: The original kickass torrent website is shut down due to legal issues. 


RarBG has a beautiful content library that includes films, TV shows, games, etc. So You can use it as another top alternative for Yify movies. Though RARBG shows lots of popup ads which are quite annoying, it has a great collection of Movies, Games, Trailers, Softwares. 

We have seen that RarBG is certainly one of the best YIFY solutions because it looks not only for movies but also for updated software, new releases of the most favorite, or the final episode in a TV show. 

This site is actually called a ‘host’ and has built up its reputation in accordance with universal rules on being an indexing torrent platform that will help you find everything in one place. 


A home for Anime and Ebooks, Torlock has an array of millions to choose from in terms of movies to download and open the door for your entertainment. Keep in mind, you need VPN services to access these websites. 


You may not have heard of Lime Torrents yet, but the number of torrents that appear day after day is incredible. It is one of the best alternatives of YIFY movies and is a giant of the torrent industry and has a variety of distinguishing features, particularly when a significant number of other participants suffer from serious defects.

Download the latest trending music, tv shows, movies, android applications, software from this website are not working well then you can try Limetorrents as one of the best alternatives for yify. LimeTorrents have already gained a solid reputation among torrenters, offering an interface that is user-friendly in addition to a good selection of films.


You definitely would like Zoogle if you’re a former BitSnoop fan so you don’t know that there is a big gap. 

Zooqle is a Yify Alternative to download the torrents as it is quite satisfactory even for the most sophisticated YIFY users. It has a clean user interference website with a great collection of movies, software, music, books, games. 

Zoogle is a BitSnoop substitute which, like many torrents at the time, disappeared in 2017. After that, Zoogle has received nearly 4 million torrents from its servers, most of which are checked! Given that Zoogle began with such a high ranking seems very amazing!

Torrentz2 – Best for 

If you’re a music enthusiast or an audiophile and always searching to download the latest and updated content, then torrentz2 is the game changer for you as it has a huge collection of music on its website. 


Almost all torrenters know what ISOHunt is because, since the early torrent era, it has been present. 

Even in times when torrent hunting was something new and not an ordinary trend that huge masses took part in, ISOhunt grew more and more to have a truly amazing library with the oldest and most popular Torrent available! Fortunately, it didn’t shut down after all these years under the stricter laws and restrictions, it continues to operate.

ISOHunter is on the DMCA registry, meaning that it is reliable in terms of the film scope and efficiency of the services offered and quickly became a Yify alternative. 


Torrent hunters lovers enjoy its clean and to the point of user interference. It also has a huge collection of movies, TV shows, music, anime, books, etc making it one of the best alternatives for YIFY. 

What did Yify do best?

They were good at focusing on speed, better quality rips and small file sizes: 

The brand justifies its work by saying it lets “users from all parts of the world, who have the bandwidth or hard drive limitations, download and enjoy this content.”

As per records on KickassTorrent, the first YIFY upload was a DVD rip of Toy Story 1 & 2 in 2010.

They were good at making it easier to watch the latest blockbusters than any other: 

To gain enough momentum to launch its own website, It took around a year of third-party uploads for YIFY which is also why you may know it as YTS. In an interview with TorrentFreak, its owner and creator, revealed to have run the website from a home in Auckland, New Zealand. He stated that the group’s mission was to “bring Hollywood films to the masses at smaller file-size.” 

They were good at catering to the needs of millions of content pirates around the world:  

It took YIFY only a year to begin uploading torrents to sites like PublicHD, KickassTorrents, 1337x, The Pirate Bay, and ExtraTorrent.  The torrent site used the x264 video standard to encode movies at around the tenth of the size of a ripped Blu-ray disc. 

The rise in YIFY searches over the past four years was clearly visible on Google Trends data:

Some people from the torrenting community are quick to dismiss the quality of YIFY releases. Yify websites Full HD (1080p) releases have been criticized for lacking visual detail and sound clarity, with 5.1 audio support notably absent. It’s clear, however, that YIFY’s releases are significantly better than the “CAM rips” that were uploaded by illegal groups who send people into theaters to film movies. YIFY did some trade-offs to get its file sizes down, but its quality was more than enough for the major masses.


it was revealed that its leader had been traced and named in a New Zealand lawsuit leaving a big hole in the piracy market and having a knock-on effect on streaming services. The leader and creator was in a lawsuit following a joint operation between the MPAA and its “international affiliates.” While many believe that its releases won’t be missed, YIFY’s shutdown will mean looking for Yify alternatives. 

YIFY’s unnamed creator was charged with a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Hollywood on October 12th, which was thereafter settled out of court, according to the New Zealand Herald. 

With 43 million views on the YTS website and 3.4 million unique visitors in just a month alone, YIFY has become the biggest piracy bust in New Zealand’s history. 

Some sources claim that the accused may be “working on an agreement to minimize their harm, possibly in exchange for information.” That could mean we see more MPAA action against movie pirates in the very near future.

This is precisely what the MPAA wants, of course, but in the huge market of torrents piracy, hunters will hope there’s another YIFY waiting in the wings. As opposed to Scene or P2P groups, which function in cliques and aspire to be the first to leak a Hollywood blockbuster, YIFY ran its business  on an access-for-all basis. That’s not to say that other torrent release groups can’t capitalize on the void left by the New Zealand-based movement. There are plenty of private torrent websites where content is siloed, but it appears that most public sites did not have the same access to movies that YIFY offered.

Disclaimer: These alternatives are for the knowledge purpose only. We don’t support or judge the use of copyrighted content neither do we gain commission from any copyright-protected content or websites. 

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