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10 Most Romantic Proposal Ideas Ever

You’ve decided to put a ring on it! Congratulations!

Well, this day won’t come again, and there’s no better day to express the love you have for your partner; which means, a whole lot of stress is on your shoulders to make this a grand one! (even if not in a materialistic way).

Deciding to either prepare a simple or luxurious or somewhere in between proposal is a great deal of pressure, however, there are a few ways to guarantee that you are preparing the absolute best proposal for your partner. It can also be challenging, particularly because there are tons of proposal ideas circulating on the internet. You want to be unique, but you do not want to go overboard. You are hoping for a positive response from your partner. You should therefore make sure that your proposal is completely exclusive to your relationship. 

Having said that, we have compiled a list of the top ten best proposal ideas

1. Friends and Family Proposal

If your partner prefers a public proposal, you can plan a party where everybody will be waiting for you with balloons and a ‘marry me’ sign. The only one who will be surprised is your partner. If you would like the question to be only between the two of you, have friends and family wait in a nearby coffee shop until after the proposal.

2. Proposing at the Beach 

If you love beaches, the seaside may be the ideal location for your proposal. Tell your partner that you have heard about a seaside competition for the best sand sculpture. You may also request that the lifeguard approach you and “guide you about the contest.” Recommend that you and your partner each make their illustrations. Of course, you’ll utilize this opportunity to prepare for the romantic gesture. When you’re both done, show them your work – they’ll be amazed. Or else, you can simply set up a dinner on the beachside with flowers, balloons, music, champagne, and an amazing dinner, and have a quiet, intimate proposal, just like the movies!

3. Scavenger Hunt 

All those small inside jokes and everything that the two of you appreciate, are the greatest parts of a connection. Make it a treasure quest by leaving clues for your partner to seek. It could just be all over the house (“go to the room where I first said I loved you”) or spread across your neighbourhood. You may also seek the help of family and friends to give the next hint. When you propose at the end of the chase, please ensure that you hire a photographer to capture that beautiful moment. It is one of the most crucial elements of preparing your proposal.

4. Create a Milestone Movie 

With video production being simpler than ever (you could even record it on your mobile!), we have witnessed some very adorable clips compiled and shown just before the proposal. One of our preferred wedding proposal ideas is to film yourself in all of the locations that are important to your connection. Film videos at the garden where you sat for four hours on a Sunday evening, the diner you went to for the first time with her family, the pet shop where you got your beagle, and remind her why these memories were so important to you and your relationship. You can present this video at home, in front of family members and friends, at a surprise lunch or party, or check to see if the video can be seen at your local movie theatre. This one-of-a-kind engagement proposal will live on in your mind for years to come.

5. Set Up a Picnic 

If well planned, a picnic could be one of the greatest romantic events. Put a few candles, a good bottle of champagne, and maybe some chocolate-covered strawberries (or anything that your significant other’s preferred food is) in a basket, and you’re ready to go. A picnic also allows you to include other guests, such as your partner’s family members and friends, or else you can just keep it private. 

6. The Sleeping Proposal 

If they are a soft sleeper, this has the possibility of going bust. If not, slide the ring into your partner’s finger as they’re asleep and then wait to see how long it will take them to realize after waking up in the morning. Good champagne breakfast in bed can hasten the moment of realization. This is actually a very romantic way to propose to your partner, and we bet your partner would never have expected this one! 

7. Airport/Airplane Proposal 

You may propose to your long-distance partner when he or she is coming to visit you. Arrive with a large sign bearing their name, a Mr. /Mrs. in front of their first name, and a question mark towards the end. One of our classic ‘will you marry me?’ ideas is to go down on your knee and let the audience applaud as you propose. Alternatively, propose to him or her when you are flying together. Collaborate with the cabin crew or pilot to develop an engaging idea for all travellers to cherish. Flight attendants and pilots are always eager to assist with an in-flight proposal.

8. New Year Proposal 

It is a very popular proposal idea for a reason. New Year’s proposals are always special. Use the …3…2…1… countdown to kick off the new year with your partner in a very special way. Just when the clock strikes 12, take out that ring and propose. It is a very romantic gesture and we can bet that your partner would adore this one. The fireworks at that moment will act as the icing on a cake! Go away to a private spot with some champagne and roses to have a memorable night with your beloved.

9. Holiday Proposal 

The most common way to propose is while on vacation. Plan a holiday to your favourite location or a dream destination you have desperately wanted to visit with your partner. You will have to slip the ring in (always in cabin baggage, never in the check-in!) so your partner doesn’t notice. Determine what they would enjoy the most; is it enjoying the sunset on the waterfront? A ferry ride to a remote island? At the fantastic eatery, you both adore? On top of a hill? You can even hire scooters and conceal the ring in their helmets, or you could create a sandcastle with the ring in the centre. Paris, Venice’s canals, and seeing the Northern Lights are among our suggested travel destinations.

10. Hot Air Balloon Proposal 

Prepare to go see the sunset on a hot air balloon ride. If you would like to add an element of amazement to your proposal, this is a great option. It may be noticeable that something is amiss if you schedule a hot air balloon at 5 p.m., so you can assert that you managed to win it in a contest. 

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