10 Travel Mistakes to Avoid in Europe

It can be both a privilege and a misfortune to travel to Europe for the first time. Even though the onliest experiences like seeing the Eiffel Tower or riding a gondola through the Venice waterways can never be outgrown, if you go underequipped, silly mistakes can ruin these memorable experiences. 

We have mapped out just what not to do overseas to stop all that from unfolding. Read these novice errors before your trip will alleviate travel tension while saving both time and money. So, if you are travelling to Europe for the very first time or going back again, these guidelines will make your journey easy-breezy and the most spectacular one!

#1. Booking your stay in the wrong neighborhood

For an ideal holiday in Europe, location is amongst the most crucial variables. Selecting the location of your accommodation is as critical as choosing the form of accommodation. Choosing to stay in the incorrect area of the city will cost you transit time, transportation, prices and security. Do not be tricked by hotel chains providing cheap dirt rates and stating to be within easy reach from all tourist hubs. Far too often, they are miles apart, not even perhaps in the same region. When using hotel internet sites such as Booking.Com, they have this handy little filter system that informs you how far a particular hotel or hostel is from the centre of the city.

#2. Don’t exchange your money at the airport

Sometimes it can be frustrating to manage the budget and foreign currencies. Although it is very convenient and efficient to exchange money at the airport, it is one of the travel errors in Europe to skip. The charges you incur and the currency you trade would cost yo. Hence, it’s safer to do your study on exchange points beforehand. Also, you can request information at the reception of the hotel that you are staying in to get suggestions for appropriate money exchange points in the location. 

#3. Trying to cover everything in one trip

We completely understand how to make the most of one’s vacation days. People are completely shafted when it comes to spare time. Of course, on a European trip, you would like to experience it all. But do not include too many parts of Europe in your itinerary for a single trip. For instance, if you intend to see Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany in eight days, you will probably spend too much time on transportation. After all, you did not travel this whole way to gawk at the insides of public transports. Rather, concentrate on a smaller area and explore every bit of it. You are going to have a much smoother experience. 

#4. Visiting during the summer season

The thing here is, summers in Europe is crazy. Completely insane, there are no two ways! It is just like a miserable day in Los Angeles, except there are more pigeons, bakeries, and silver guys dressed up like Transformers. Summer travel in Europe also implies you are going to pay extra for hotels and events. Try travelling during non-peak tourist season, i.e. only before or after summer, if you want to avert traffic, save extra cash and have a way smoother trip to Europe.

#5. Not visiting small cities or not-so-touristy places

If it is your first visit to Europe, you must be planning to go to the most popular tourist spots. That been said, if you want to uncover a unique part of Europe, not visiting remote communities and well-known cities is one of the travel mistakes to avert in Europe. You must plan your trip to the most enthralling locations off the tourist trail in Europe. Of course, if you prefer to see and have the same photos as thousands of other travellers filling the sidewalks of Paris, Milan and Prague, then you will probably be following the crowds. But, if you have a nomadic soul and are searching for those secret gems, then schedule your trip through the remote and exotic villages. 

#6. Avoiding public transportation

Cluttered and noisy buses, long lines, and traffic are among the first things that come to mind when you talk about public transport. In Europe, there is so much more when it comes to public transport. Try the cable cars, boat rides and railway services. Some visitors would prefer to hire a car and then travel, but public transport is very convenient, punctual, inexpensive and encouraged in Europe. The most isolated locations of Europe, incredible nature reserves, castles, and stunning vistas can be easily reached by rail. There is no better way of travelling through Europe than by rail; it is an ultimate saver of time and money. 

#7. Not investing in a travel insurance 

European metropolitan areas indeed are one of the world’s most advanced and stable cities. Yet you are indeed human, and the hills are high and brutal in Europe’s nature reserves. You can always catch a cough, strain an ankle, or get your camera robbed, although you might be the most seasoned hiker and traveller. For medical and other travelling purposes, travel insurance in Europe is essential. 

#8. Not buying tickets in advance

Europe is an expensive place. Even if you’re heading to some of the most inexpensive locations, museums and attraction passes are going to end up costing you a fair bit of money. Not purchasing tickets early is one of the biggest mistakes to avert in Europe, and this is confirmed by the thousands of visitors touring Europe every year. So, if you study and book ahead, you can find special prices on Europe’s famous locations, places of interest, and events. Buying transport and attraction passes online will help you survive standing in the downpours or the warm summer days and will leave you with enough time for all those breathtaking views and maybe even a picnic. 

#9. Dressing inappropriately for the weather

Hot and dry, drizzly, bitterly cold or sweltering, one of the most peculiar things about Europe is that you can encounter all these four climates in one day. Not carrying explicitly for the climatic conditions in Europe is a travel blunder to steer clear from. T-shirts, flexible shoes, rain and wind clothing, are vital for your visit to Europe. It is ideal to pack, and dress up in layers, so that you can relax in any weather, and you will not have to carry a whole closet around. 

#10. Blindly following the guidebook

A handbook is a valuable source of guidance for a visit to Europe and gives you a basic travel schedule. One of the greatest travel blunders to prevent in Europe is perhaps clinging to your guidebook. It implies you are going to visit the same locations as countless thousands of other visitors. Exploring the region on a guided walking tour is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the most beautiful cities in Europe. The city walking tour guide will tell you the finest hidden treasures of the city and give you heaps of suggestions and advice, in addition to showing widely known and renowned sites. It involves meal tips, special offers, unseen spots, and most crucially, how to ensure safety. 

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