5 Reasons Why Keeping a Regular Check on Car Tyres Is Important

Proper car tyre maintenance adds to its long-lasting performance. Therefore, to have your tyres work for years requires you to take good care of them. Brake and handle failure is a sign to take a closer look at your car tyres.

Check tyre pressure levels

Car tyres tend to lose pressure unnoticeably and naturally over time. That’s why drivers ignore them by failing to recognize their great importance. Failing to check on them regularly results in poor car tyre performance and increased maintenance costs. For this reason, it’s essential to always have correct pressure levels and benefit from stabilized tyre structure, improved durability and escape from possible rolling hazards.

Inspect tyre tread depths

Tyre tread depths play a major role when it comes to traction, grip and resistance to hydroplaning. It’s then advisable to inspect them before and after long trips. In case they are below the required depth, replace them to achieve the legal limit. This can be due to wear or having objects lodged within it. Don’t delay and book your tyres in Basildon at Jet Wheel Tyre.

Keep wheels aligned

Misaligned wheels are dangerous as they make your tyres open to damages due to uneven tread wear. Squealing tyre noises, loose handling, vibrating and off-centred steering wheel are among the common signs of misaligned wheels. As a result, your wheel alignment can be thrown out if it encounters a pothole or a curb. Get wheel alignment service to ensure you’re safe while driving.

Rotate the tyres

Rotating your tyres is another way of extending their longevity. Front tyres are known to wear out faster compared to rear tyres. The type and size of the tyre determine its rotational pattern. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to rotate them if all tyres are of the same size.

Have good driving habits

Good driving habits greatly contribute to general car care. These habits include slowing down for speed bumps, avoiding potholes and uneven roads, avoiding quick acceleration and being consistent always.

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