How Can a Racecourse Play a Key Part in the Outcome of a Race?

How can a racecourse play a key part in the outcome of a race

Horse racing is a sport that many people around the UK love to follow. The sheer excitement it delivers is a real attraction for many, as is the chance to bet on races and watch the best horses compete. While betting on the NFL and other sports might be getting more popular, horse racing is still the one that many opt for. Of course, the horse racing calendar is packed with fabulous events and festivals to make it even better for fans.

One such event is the annual Cheltenham Festival, which happens every March in the UK. From the Gold Cup to the Stayers’ Hurdle, it is a real feast of racing. If you like to bet on the action at this event, then why not check out these Cheltenham Festival free bets from The people at are well-respected in the industry for bringing not only the best offers but also the latest horse racing news, tips and cards.

Whatever event you like to bet at, the course itself can play a key role in how the racing unfolds. This is not always something that many people take into account or know about. It is, however, important to consider when betting. Why is this the case though?

Horses have favourite courses

This might sound a little odd to those who do not know racing in depth. While we might not know how this works, the simple fact is that it is true. Time and again, you will see horses run better at certain courses and win at the same course regularly.

It seems that, like humans, horses just have certain places that bring the best out of them. It may also be down to the fact that the course has a strange layout that only some horses can handle. If there is an uphill run to the finish or a sharp turn not seen at other tracks, this will impact on how the race pans out. Bangor is a classic example of this, with its unusual circular shape and undulating ground.

The going and the weather

Anyone who has been involved with horse racing in the past will have heard people speak about the going. But why is this? In simple terms, horses all have terrain they like to run on and terrain they do not. A horse might enjoy heavy ground, for example, but struggle more on soft ground. Some horses will also run much better on all-weather tracks but not as brilliantly on turf.

This, of course, also makes the weather key to racing, as it will affect the ground on the course and, therefore, the outcome of any race. Changes to weather can be particularly tricky and should be taken into account by fans. While a horse might be set to run well on good ground, a sudden downpour before the race could change all that.

Jumps or flats

Another racecourse feature that impacts the outcome of any race is whether it is a jumps or flat course. Flat racing is more for fast horses that can start well and power to the finish quickly. This can help some horses out more than others. Jumps races though are usually suited to horses that have the stamina for longer distances and can get over fences well. Of course, the course in jumps racing can play a more significant role, as the horses have obstacles that they can fall over or refuse to jump.

Do your homework before betting

One thing is clear to any serious horse racing punter: you must do your homework before placing a bet. This allows you to pick up on how the course itself might impact the result and inform your eventual choice on which horse to back. You might, for example, see a horse that has won on each of its last three outings at a course, despite not being in amazing form currently. This is the kind of extra data that can see you scoop decent wins off the bookie.

Horse racing has many factors that affect it

The return of UK horse racing in summer 2020 and its enthusiastic reception shows how popular the sport is around the country. It can be tough to make a long-term profit from betting on horses, but it gets easier when you start to know what factors impact the outcome of races. The course itself is one factor that many do not really think about, but it can have a massive influence on how things finish up.

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