The Best Universities In The UK: Which One A Student Should Choose?

The Best Universities In The UK

For any student looking for higher education programs abroad, the UK offers one of the most compelling options to go for. There are a number of great colleges here that give students the chance to excel in their chosen fields. On top of that, the country itself is beautiful and the culture is inclusive as well. Plus, being in the UK, you can communicate with pretty much everyone you’ll meet as long as you speak English.

The level of education in UK universities is very high too. This can often cause some issues for students who are non-natives, especially when they are asked to write book reports or essays for their class. In such cases, it is a good idea to check out some British essay writers reviews and then take help from essay writers for hire that can be easily accessed online. With such services, students can get their coursework done when they are under stress. On top of that, this also gives them the chance to explore the beautiful country they’re in.

Online writing services also allow college-goers to relax a little and focus on the rest of their assignments. Depending on the institution they’re in, the rest of their work can be very difficult to complete. Before any of this though, it is crucial to find out the best universities in the UK from the long list of academic institutions in the country.

List of UK Universities to Choose From

1. University of Oxford

The best university in London, Oxford, doesn’t require any introduction. It is one of the very top institutions in the world that has been producing world leaders for centuries. The campus is one of the best you’ll find anywhere and the list of courses is long. Everything from arts and engineering to computer and medical sciences can be studied at Oxford. It is ranked #1 in the UK and #1 in the subject of Arts and Humanities in the world.

2. University of Cambridge

Whether you’re looking for the best UK universities for economics or arts, Cambridge always comes to mind. Ranked #8 internationally, this institution has been around since 1209. Today, it has 31 colleges that teach students everything they could need to learn. Those studying at Cambridge also focus a lot of their time on research which makes it a great option for higher studies.

3. University College London

Ranked #16 in the global ranking, UCL hosts over 35,000 students out of which over 20,000 are international ones. One of the best reasons for joining UCL is that it partners with other top academic institutions like the University of Montreal and has research and exchange programs for students.

4. Imperial College London

Imperial College London deserves to be among the top universities in the UK as it excels in a lot of different fields of study. It is ranked #20 in the world. Other than offering some of the best programs among four major divisions of business, engineering, medicine, and natural sciences, this college also has a top-tier International Research Opportunities Programme that sends students to places like MIT for research during the summer.

5. University of Edinburgh

With its main campus located in beautiful Scotland, this institution is ranked #32 in the world. There are a total of 20 different schools spread across three main colleges. On top of that, this institution also offers excellent research opportunities. And for international graduate students, there is guaranteed accommodation that makes this one of the best universities in the UK for those coming from abroad, no matter which course you choose to undertake.


There are so many good institutions in the UK that it’s hard to find the worst university in the UK. The country offers some of the top places you can enroll in to develop an amazing career. Whether you want to live on a beautiful, historic campus or gain access to the best arts or science class you will have anywhere, you’ve got it in the UK.  Our list showcases the top 5 campuses you can join in the country and if you make it into any one of them, you will be able to do very well for yourself.

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