Tips for Being a Better Gamer

Tips for Being a Better Gamer

Become a Game Guru

So, you’re looking to improve your gaming skills? Whether you want to brush up on your skills before creating a YouTube gaming channel, compete in eSports, or amaze your friends with your gaming ability, I put together this guide to assist anyone interested in taking their gaming to the next level. Much like other strategy guides such as how to improve your poker strategy this guide is aimed at players of all levels.

Because video games are inherently competitive, players must have a variety of strategies at their disposal. As new games and platforms enter the market, the video gaming business continues to evolve. As a result, gamers are honing their tactics to gain the greatest ranks, scores, and overall statuses as the gaming business expands and provides new experiences. Let’s look at some gaming tips and methods you may use in your daily life to improve your gaming skills.

Setting the scene

Before you spend hours practising with your favourite game, make sure the game’s settings are optimised so you don’t have to re-learn anything afterwards. The most critical parameter to consider is the sensitivity of your mouse or joysticks. It may make sense for you to err on the higher or lower end of the range, depending on your game and your function within it.

According to the standard view, lower sensitivity is more suited for a game that requires a highly accurate aim because it allows you to make minimal adjustments. In contrast, a higher sensitivity would make this more challenging. A higher sensitivity will benefit you if your game needs a lot of traversal and surprise close counters because it will allow you to face your opponents faster.

Brain training

It’s all well and good to be getting ready for an all-day session with pals, but are you truly maximising your potential? You’ll be a much better player if you spread out your gaming time as much as possible if you’re playing for six hours a day. In addition, regularly taking breaks from anything intellectually demanding allows the brain to unpack more information and refresh itself.

Burnout is a significant concern, mainly when practising for a game like League of Legends. It’s easy to over-practice when you try to strike a balance between team play and individual practice. In major competitions, the mental game is crucial.

Patience is a virtue

The most important thing to remember when it comes to improving at games, regardless of title or genre, is to be patient. Improvement will occur, but it will take time. Consider what would happen if someone waved a magic wand and suddenly you knew everything there was to know about a game. Every scenario, every situation, every item, every play, every opponent, every probable mistake, everything is clear to you. However, even if you already know everything, you’ll still need time to practise and perfect your skills. In reality, information is valuable, but it is useless without action, and perfecting implementation takes time.

Choose your opponent wisely

Competing against talented opponents is not only beneficial; it’s also more enjoyable because your abilities are put to the test. As video game tournaments with cash prizes and other advantages become increasingly popular, competition defines the history and current condition of gaming.

While there’s nothing wrong with playing a casual game with a less-skilled friend or lowering the complexity of computer-programmed opponents on occasion, competing against more experienced players will help you progress more quickly. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the challenges of tough competition, consider these encounters as a type of mentorship that will help you develop your game in the future.

Analyse your gameplay

Some games have a built-in feature that allows you to save your game progress. If it doesn’t, you’ll need to utilise third-party software to capture what you see on the screen. Examine the footage after you’ve played for a bit. Look for situational aspects that you may have overlooked and monopolised while playing. After identifying these elements, you’ll be more prepared to notice them the next time you play. You’ll eventually learn to anticipate them and be ready when they do.

Brightening your day

Many games are set a little dark or muddy to make colours stand out and offer contrast, something not many gamers are aware of. This can create a certain vibe or style, but it won’t help you develop an eagle eye. If you’re playing a first-person shooter and want to spot someone before they spot you, turn up the brightness on your TV to make the colours pop. It’s self-evident that making it excessively bright will negate the goal. However, tinker with the graphics till they are extra obvious, better suited to you. Yes, it may alter the game’s appearance, but this is just for those who want a competitive advantage.

Test the water

The various genres and subgenres that exist today may easily overwhelm someone fresh to the world of video games. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t think this is a bad thing; in fact, I think it’s a terrific thing. Different game genres provide for a wide range of experiences and play styles. There are many other types of games to pick from, including action-adventure games, side-scrolling games, and beat ’em ups. Some may claim that to improve as a gamer in a given genre; you should focus only on becoming an expert in that genre. While I agree with that notion, I believe that the best way to become a better all-around player is to play various games.

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