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Top Wedding Trends for 2021

It was a struggle for many in 2020 to either plan or go through with a wedding, but 2021 seems to be more promising.

Here are some great ideas for how to tie the knot this year.

Beach Weddings

After a year of being inside, we’re desperate to get out! What better way to celebrate your love for one another than with a beach wedding?

Beautiful beach views aren’t exclusively in Bora Bora either. A quaint, British seafront can be just as lovely with traditional multicoloured beach huts and seaside attractions. Go barefoot and feel the sand between your toes as you have the ultimate boho wedding experience with your loved one.

A light and floaty dress will look incredible as it billows in the sea breeze, and a dressed down, more casual suit with rolled sleeves and no tie will give a more folky appearance.

Looking for somewhere more intimate and quieter? There are hundreds of beach hideouts across the UK with caves and peaceful spots for just the both of you and your celebrant to mark this special occasion.

Nostalgic style

Vintage style weddings are all the rage now. After all, your grandma did tell you things were better in her day…

As a great way to mark the joining of two families, it’s good to have a nod to some family heritage and nostalgic wears from your relatives’ previous ‘big days’. Combining the wedding traditions of “something old” and “something borrowed”, you can have your beloved relatives with you in spirit, even if they can’t be with you in body.

You can be as subtle or as bold as you like, from candlesticks and crockery to a treasured dress or piece of jewellery. This personal touch will help you to know that they are with you and give you the confidence to shine bright on your big day.

You can also bring previous eras to your wedding without the use of family heirlooms by researching past weddings and discovering the style of dress, table decorations and favours that were used.

Suit appearance

After a year of dressing down and wearing nothing but joggers and hoodies, it’s nice to dress up, look good, and feel good. 

Tweed suits are still incredibly popular with outdoor weddings and folky trends, including elopements, due to their flattering appearance. Ditch the traditional black suit and tie and try a brown or green tweed outfit for that more rustic, original look. Perfect for countryside weddings or just as something different.

If you’re looking for something bolder and more distinctive, try a tartan or checked suit or even pair it with a kilt. With tartans in all different designs and patterns, you’re bound to stand out and have a wedding suit that guests will remember.

If you’re looking for something more traditional, consider a morning suit with a long and classic tailcoat.

Think about what your best man will be wearing and try to have fun with it. For example, if you’re opting for a tartan or checked suit, you could each wear one in a different colour scheme.

The rings

One of the most important things couples must consider when getting wed is, of course, the wedding rings.

At the moment, unique and original designs are very popular with big stones and embellishments, including coloured stones such as emeralds, rubies, and sapphires for that vintage look and feel.

Some couples have decided to go all out and add their own twist to ring designs, by commissioning the creator to add in something extra special. This can be done discretely by engraving the inside of the rings with something that is personal to you both.

Whether you’re just about to pop the question or you’re looking for the perfect ring for the big day, you’ll want to think about how the ring will fit your lifestyle and how it might wear over the years.

A ring that looks incredible on the day might get in the way of typical life such as work or leisure activities and might require some maintenance down the line.

As weddings are expensive commitments it’s important to explore all of your financial options along the way to ensure that your day is as perfect as can be.  

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