7 Tips for Beginner Betting

The online bookmaker scene is growing year on year. It is no surprise as it makes matches more exciting and it offers challenges in abundance. To bet successfully you need self-control and a rational mind and if you’re analytical by nature that is a big help. So with this in mind let’s look at beginner tips for using online bookmakers effectively.

Finding Good Online Bookmakers

To find the best online bookmaker there are a few aspects to explore. Here is a breakdown to get you started.

1 Is the Site Legit?

All UK betting sites are regulated by the Gambling Commission. Some sites may be regulated in Malta as tax regulations are more favourable. Ensure any site you use is regulated and licensed before you part with any cash.

2 The Site Focuses on Your Sport

Some online sites focus on greyhound and horse racing while others focus on other sports such as football, rugby, and cricket. If you’re a football fan stick with football focused sites, a greyhound racing fan, stick with a greyhound racing focused online bookmakers. You get the point.

3 Payment Methods, Security, and Withdrawals

The better online bookies offer the full range of payment and withdrawal options that they are legally allowed to do. So you should have no issues depositing funds and then proceed to bet. Also, withdrawals should be done timely and promptly. The better sites will deposit your winnings to a payment platform or bank account pretty much instantly.

As such, ensure you find online sportsbooks that take a no nonsense approach to handling money.

4 Odds and Promotions

Pro bettors will create an account on different sites. This is down to the fact that not every bookie gives you the same odds. A golden rule is to bet on the bookie with the best odds, and leverage as much as you can enhanced odds that some bookmakers offer. You want to get the best bang for your buck when it comes to playing and winning.

Promotions wise, sticking with the sport you’re focused on will probably get you the best promotions focused on your chosen sport. That said, you should always pay attention to any terms and conditions with any offer, especially free bets and sign-up offers.

Often, wagering requirements rear their ugly head, and this means that if the wagering requirement is 3x, you have to wager three times the amount you won using a bonus or offer before you can withdraw.

It is important to weigh up promotions as sometimes aspects such as time limits may come into play that renders them obsolete.

5 Betting Markets

Any site worth its salt is going to offer you plenty of betting markets to play. In the case of football, this could be who scores first, which team scores first, the score at halftime, as well as betting on the final result.

Handicaps are another factor that can make games interesting and have better odds. Here a scoreline is modified and this influences the outcome of the bet. So if Team A has a -2 handicap, this means that 2 goals will be deducted from their score. So if Team A beats Team B 2-1, then Team A has lost the match due to the handicap. This enables bookmakers to give better odds on games where the outcome is almost inevitable.

Live play is another market you may want to look into. It is a very exciting form of betting and here odds and bets are offered as the game unfolds. It is very useful on occasion as you have a feeling about how the game or race is unfolding and can bet accordingly.

6 Customer Service

It is essential that whichever sites you sign up to have a good customer service. Good customer services sort out disputes and give resolution quickly which is exactly what you need. Poor customer service results in frustration and anger and that is something best avoided.

It is good practice to check reviews on your search engine of choice and social media. Check forums to gauge the experiences of others. Anyone that has used online bookies for a while will have an opinion on customer services and the chances are they have expressed it.

You can learn from these opinions when deciding whether or not to get involved with the sportsbook.

7 Never Play Drunk

It may be tempting to make a night of it and play after a few drinks. This is a mistake. You should always be in control of your emotions and know when to walk away. Alcohol may heighten your betting experience but overall you will lose a lot of cash and this is more than a downer.

Sports betting is fun and exciting and adds an extra edge to the games. Hopefully, this guide will help you navigate the online bookmaker landscape and choose ones that are suitable for you.

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