9 Rapid Tips To Win TikTok Hearts And Get Featured On The FYP.

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By the end of this article my goal is to make sure that every single video that you post on TikTok gets on the FYP (For You Page), gets the views that you want and most importantly that you get the followers and build a community that you are trying to build on TikTok, because if you are reading this article right now, you know that TikTok is the number one opportunity on social media to build a platform, business, brand or any thing else right now. There is no other social media platform where you can as quickly and easily get exposure right now because at the end of the day, the quickest and fastest way to go viral on social media is to get on the TikTok FYP. There is no concept of FYP on instagram or youtube or twitter. Yes, they have different names for their feed but none of them is as powerful as FYP. None of them have taken anybody from zero to millions overnight, the same exact way that TikTok does.

Here are the 9 ways to rapidly make your way to the FYP and win non stop hearts:

1. Right time to post:

If you want to know the right time to post for your specific TikTok account, go into your analytics and for doing that you need to have a ‘creator’ account not a ‘business’ or a ‘personal’ account. In your analytics, look at your trending videos for the last seven days, note down the time at which they were posted, these are going to be the best times for you to post on your account. You should post three videos within that time slot. One video 30 mins. before the time, one video exactly on time and one video 30 mins. after the time. Now these time slots are constantly changing so need to keep your time slots updated on a weekly basis.

2. Hashtags:

Way too many people get way too caught up in hashtags. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT HASHTAGS. If you make a pie chart about the most important things to get on the TikTok FYP, hashtags would probably make up only 1% of it. It doesn’t really matter what hashtag strategy you use, it is not gonna make a huge difference in your content. You can use at maximum 2 trending hashtags or 2 niche specific hashtags or even no hashtags because hashtags are not going to be the end all – be all for you to get on the FYP.

3. Whether or not there is an audience for your content:

It’s very simple, if you are not creating content that looks like what’s trending on TikTok right now, then TikTok does not think that they have an audience for your content and they are not going to push your content up. If you have been putting out content that is getting zero views or lower views or not getting as many views as your older videos then it is a very good reason to suspect that TikTok does not think they have an audience for your content. Immediately change the type of content that you are creating and make sure that you are using trending sounds as well as trending features in your content.

4. Gaining Followers:

Another important factor when it comes to getting on the FYP, is how many followers you are gaining every single time that you post a video. And this is something which is incredibly important when it comes to TikTok. You guys need to make sure that you are incentivising the engagement, that is, getting people to not only press the heart sign but also the plus sign. This can be effectively done by getting a call to action in the beginning or at the end of the video and gotta be really convincing.

5. Lot of Watch time:

When you want to get on the FYP, you need to make sure that you are getting a lot of Watch time. Well, what does this mean? This means that the average view duration is going to be a large significant portion of the length of your video. Go into your analytics, look at the length of your video, for example, if it’s 10% and the average view duration is 9%, then that’s going to be a 90% watch time but unfortunately that’s not going to get you a ton of views on the FYP, because your video is less than 15 seconds long. You need over a 100% watch time if your video is 15 seconds long or less, if it’s over 16 to 30 seconds long, you need to aim for 75% watch time and if it’s over 30 seconds long, you need to aim for 50% watch time. 

6. Engagement:

I know, there may be many so-called TikTok gurus who tell you that engagement also matters but the fact is just the opposite. Engagement does not matter, your likes, your comments or your shares are not going to get you a ton of exposure or a ton of views on the FYP and they are not going to get your video viral. 

7. Nature of Audience:

Another thing that should be taken into consideration while you put out content on TikTok is what kind of audience TikTok thinks they have for that type of content. Basically how this works is, TikTok is going to compare your posts to your older posts that have been pushed, so the more similar it is to the old posts that have been pushed, the more likely it is to fit their “audience criteria” and get pushed in that manner and really check that box for them. If it doesn’t look like content that has been posted on TikTok before and it doesn’t capture the audience’s attention and doesn’t get a 100% watch time then the odds are that it’s just not going to ever get viral.

8. Length of the Video:

When it comes to the length of your videos, you should keep in mind that videos that are 11 to 13 seconds long have been going the most viral on TikTok. The reason being our attention span on TikTok is getting shorter and shorter and TikTok has realised that a couple of months ago. So a couple of months ago, it was advisable to make longer and longer videos but not anymore. Now, you need to make the videos shorter and the watch time longer.

9. Whether or not your video is trending on TikTok:

This is the number 1 and the most important of all factors that I have discussed till now to get your video on the FYP. Back in the past, even if you reposted any video that went viral in the past even if it was a month ago, the odds were that the reposted would go viral again and could have gone even more viral than the previous time. But that is not the case anymore, the algorithms have been changed. If your video is no longer trending on TikTok or the topic of the video is no longer trending on TikTok then your video might not get on the FYP. And this is something you should be paying attention to. If you are doing an old post or an old trend, it is not going to trend like it used to. You need to make sure that whatever you are posting on TikTok is trending ‘today’, not even a couple of days ago, ‘TODAY’ it should be trending. 

That’s it. Follow the steps above and your new video is guaranteed to be on the FYP and winning non stop hearts.

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