Facts about Jorge Garcia who rules the Heart of his Fans Through Acting and Comedy

Jorge Garcia

Born on 28th April 1973, Jorge Garcia is an American actor and a comedian who came into the public attention due to his outstanding performance as Hector Lopez in Becker. Though, his most prominent and best-known character is Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the Lost television series from 2004 to 2010. 

Jorge Garcia is a stand-up comedian too and had starred in Fox television series named Alcatraz besides playing a minor role in ABC’s Once Upon a Time. In his school days, Garcia was called as ‘baby faced killer’ as wrestling was one of his main hobbies. Though Jorge Garcia is a trained actor, he holds a degree in Communication Studies from UCLA. Let’s have a look at some interesting facts about Jorge Garcia who rules the hearts of his fans. 

Jorge Garcia appeared in many television shows

There are many television shows in which this American actor and comedian appeared. Some of them are “heroes”, “Charmed”, “Heroes Reborn”, and “ER”. More recently, Garcia was seen in “The Sopranos” as a supporting actor.

A Website has been dedicated to Jorge Garcia from his fans

 There are many websites where people follow Jorge Garcia to keep a track of their favourite celebrity. However, there is one website which has been entirely dedicated to Jorge Garcia for those who seek to know more about Garcia and his life. If you want to know about Jorge Garcia, you can visit his official website also which contains Garcia’s phone number and email addresses. 

Jorge Garcia movies

After gaining success for his role as Diego in the television show named Narcos, Garcia appeared in a lot of movies that were mostly based on books and written by Carlos Ezquerra. Some of the movies include Law and Order and The Godfather

Jorge Garcia contribution to the Film Industry

Garcia has been seen in many videos and movies that were produced by some top names in the film industry. Some of the famous videos and movies include “Walk the Line” and “The Rain Maker”. The interesting fact here is that Garcia has also appeared in the movies that were produced by the famous movie director, Quentin Tarantino. 

When shooting for “Lost”, Garcia lost 30 pounds initially. Though, he got frustrated and returned to his unhealthy eating style. Even after shedding a few pounds for the film, he was close to 400 pounds that time. 

Some of the Garcia fans speculated that the actor went through gastric bypass surgery for shedding excess weight. However, in reality, Garcia went to work hard and followed a rigorous exercising routine along with a healthy diet that managed to slim him down. 

After all the hard work, Garcia managed to lose 100 pounds from his initial 400 pounds. 

A top-notch diet was followed by the actor. Nutritionists and trainers encouraged Garcia for healthy eating habits and included few ingredients in his diets such as veggies, spinach, carrot and fibrous food. Garcia also had to stop drinking alcohol. After all the hard work and healthy diet, Jorge Garcia looks amazing than ever before!

Radom facts about Jorge Garcia

  • Jorge Garcia sister got married when he was filming “Lost” which means he could not attend the wedding. 
  • With the cast members of “Lost”, Garcia has been seen playing Poker many times since he loves playing it with the crew members. They actually use real money when playing Poker. 
  • Garcia dated another star cast of “Lost” named Bethany James Shady. She did not have the lead role but plays the role of a survivor in one of the episodes.
  • Most of the acting skills has been learnt by Garcia from Beverley Hills Playhouse Acting School which boasts alumni like Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney. 
  • Garcia has starred in some popular feature films such as Deck the Halls, The Ridiculous, Cooties, Little Athens and When we were Pirates. 
  • Garcia lost 30 pounds when he got his part in “Lost”. 
  • To lose weight, Garcia followed a vegan diet.
  • Apparently, while reading the final script for the show, Garcia cried.
  • Garcia appeared in many commercial before he started acting for films and television shows. 
  • Garcia is a dog fan and owns a small Chihuahua that is a mixed breed and has been named as Nunu.
  • Garcia’s father is from Chile while his mother belongs to Cuba. His father was a doctor and mother a professor. 
  • Garcia is a video game freak and is a huge fan of Star Wars. 

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