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10 Natalie Sawyer Facts You Didn’t Know

English television and podcast presenter Natalie Sawyer is a host who worked on programs like Sky Sports News. She was rumored to favor the Brentford F.C soccer club. Here are 10 facts you may not have heard about her:

Natalie Sawyer: 10 Unknown Facts About The Presenter  

1. Where was Natalie Sawyer born?

She was born in Ealing, a district of West London, England and she is 40 years old. Natalie Sawyer was born on October 23, 1979. She was born to an English father and a Bulgarian mother. 

2. Before she became famous: 

Natalie Sawyer studied History and Media at Leeds Trinity University College in Horsforth. 

3. She was an artistic child: 

Natalie attended the ‘Chiswick Community School’ in Chiswick, West London. She was an ingenious student in her class. As a child, she developed a keen interest in dance and other performing arts. 

4. She was really good at journalism too: 

While in school, Natalie developed various interactive skills, such as public speaking and creative writing. She showcased these skills by participating in several speech shows and stage-act competitions. A true sports enthusiast, she was also a member of her school’s cheerleading team.

5. Natalie Sawyer husband: 

Natalie Sawyer was married to former Sky Sports News colleague Sam Matterface who was once diagnosed with testicular cancer.  They have a son called Sawyer Matterface, who was born on 28 October 2010. Sawyer and Matterface divorced in 2014.

6. Natalie Sawyer dating life after divorce:

Natalie Sawyer has been dating footballer Jonathan Douglas since 2015. The rumors began after she posted several photos of Jonathan and herself on her social-media profiles.

7. Natalie Sawyer is a sports fan: 

Sawyer is a fan of Brentford FC. Natalie loves football and is a great fan of the ‘Brentford Football Club.’ She was roped in for a number of the club’s promotional events. Natalie was the star of the launch of Brentford’s new bus campaign. In 2012, she was featured in an advertisement of the club that had ‘Brentford’ use her image on a bus to promote their ticket prices. She also sold match tickets on buses as part of the club’s promotional tasks. Natalie was the presenter of the short ‘125 Years of Brentford,’ which documented the departure of the then ‘Brentford FC’ manager, Mark Warburton.

8. She worked her way up the journalistic ladder: 

Natalie commenced her journalism career with the UK-based sports channel ‘Sky Sports News,’ in 2002, soon after her graduation from college. She started as a production junior. Her tasks included preparing and serving tea and coffee, picking up scripts, and escorting the guests to the studio. She simultaneously worked at the channel’s production studio, too. Soon, she began working on news tickers, a job which she enjoyed doing. She also worked with the ‘Rugby Union’ department during that period, covering rugby games.

Natalie used to work till odd hours and even on off-days at times. All her hard work paid off when she was asked to do a screen test for one of their ongoing shows. Natalie was selected, and her journey as one of ‘Sky’s’ most popular presenters began.

9. Getting the Transfer Deadline Day job: 

Natalie became the presenter of the channel’s ‘Transfer Deadline Day’ coverage, which involved covering and reporting each and every update during the “transfer window,” the period during which a football club transfers players from other countries to their own roster. Natalie hosted this particular segment alongside Jim White for over a decade. She eventually became synonymous with ‘Transfer Deadline Day,’ hosting in her trademark sunny, bright yellow dress. In 2015, she was awarded the title of the ‘MILF of the Year’ by ‘Heat,’ one of the bestselling entertainment magazines in the UK. Unfortunately, her 18-year association came to an end in 2018. Natalie quit ‘Sky Sports News,’ leaving behind several questions regarding her departure.

10. Parting ways with Sky Sports News:

After working for 18 years with ‘Sky Sports,’ Natalie quit the channel in 2018. However, her departure did not seem to be very peaceful.

Reportedly, Natalie was terminated by the channel due to a few disagreements with the channel heads. Her colleagues were under strict instruction not to mention her departure on air. Natalie’s departure still remains a mystery.

Apparently, after 18 years of service, Natalie was told that her contract would not be renewed. This very fact suggests that the split was acrimonious. She is yet to address the issue. She is still referred to as a ‘Sky Sports’ employee.

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