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Small Changes to Your Routine that Could Make You Happier

Everyone wants to be happy in life, but sometimes life can get you down. It might not be anything, in particular, going on that’s giving you the blues, but even getting bored of your usual routine or feeling like you don’t have enough time to yourself can be all it takes to put you in a bit of a funk. So if you’re fed up with feeling frustrated day in and day out, here are a few things you can try to introduce to your routine that might help you make you feel a bit happier each day.

Sleep Routine

If you’re feeling tired and a little unhappy, a good place to start is looking at how well you’re sleeping. Many things can keep you up at night, but this will greatly affect your mood if you’re not getting enough sleep. If you don’t have a great sleep routine already, you should start trying to get into one. Go to bed around the same time, and get up at the same time every morning. Allow yourself to get between 7 and 9 hours of sleep a night; you’ll be able to notice your body naturally wakes up after a while and figure out how many hours of sleep a night you specifically need. If you struggle to sleep, try dimming the lights and doing something to help you relax. You could even use CBD oil to help with this, as many people have found it helps them to feel calmer. Find out more from this online store that sells CBD oil UK.

Positive Affirmations

Another thing you could try if you’re feeling a bit restless and negative most days is positive affirmations. They might feel silly at first, but reminding yourself about the things that you’re grateful for in life and that makes you feel good about yourself can help distract you from the things that have been causing you to feel stressed or worried. It’s very easy to let things get on top of you in life, and the negative emotions that you have can sometimes be more dominant, particularly if you’re exhausted (which is why sleep is so important!) So write down a list of things that make you happy and what you have going on that is positive, and repeat this list to yourself every morning.

Daily Walk

Exercise is a great way to help give you a mood boost naturally, but if you don’t have a lot of time to go to the gym, don’t worry. Instead, simply go for a daily walk, whether that’s 30 minutes around the block in the mornings or when you get home, or a longer stroll if you have the time. The fresh air will help to refresh you, and it’s a good opportunity to clear your head and process some thoughts, or perhaps switch off by listening to your favorite podcast or music. If you can, try to walk in your local park or in the countryside, as being around nature will help you feel calmer and happier.

Introducing these things into your daily routine could help you to feel more positive throughout the day, so they are worth trying out. However, if you are experiencing extended periods of low moods that you can’t seem to lift, speak to your doctor as you might be suffering from depression or other mental health issues that need specialist treatment.

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