What’s It Like Being Kelvin Fletcher’s Wife Liz Marsland?

Kelvin Fletcher’s Wife Liz Marsland

Kelvin Fletcher’s wife Liz Marsland made headlines when the former Emmerdale actor (who has decided to go blonde now) was photographed on a night out with professional female dancer Oti at the Sanctum Soho Hotel on Friday. Shortly after the photos emerged, Kelvin’s wife Liz unfollowed him on Instagram in a jealous rage and was spotted without her wedding ring. However, on Tuesday, Liz set the record straight by telling her Instagram followers: “That ring is heavy. It only comes out on special occasions. Oh, and it was fake tan day. #Nodramahere.” 

After this incident, a lot of people have been wondering the following questions: 

Get To Know Kelvin Fletcher’s Wife Liz Marsland

Who is Kelvin Fletcher’s wife? 

Kelvin Fletcher’s wife Eliza Marsland, also known as Liz, is an English actress and voice over artist. Liz, now juggles her career as a successful fashion buyer with her family life.

What does Kelvin Fletcher’s wife do?


English actress Eliza Marsland starred in the hit BBC series InTheClub back in 2016 and also trained at the Manchester school of acting and the London School of Musical theatre. Liz made an appearance in ITV’s Cold Feet at the start of the month and will star in 2020 short Pace, playing DC Lucas. 

Voice over artist:

As well as acting, Liz also does voice over adverts and likes to sing. Recently just before the coronavirus pandemic hit, she took to Instagram this week to document her busy work schedule. Although she’s an actor like her soap star husband, she told her followers she’d had a busy few days. 

Throwing herself into her work, Liz captioned today’s Instagram post: “One advert to the next. @agentdaeche #voiceover #voiceoverartist.”

One fan took to the comments section to ask: “Hey liz give us a clue who you do adverts for so we can listen out!!!”

One day ago, the actress was back in the recording booth for a Valentine’s Day advert.

In addition to the picture, she captioned it: “When they ask ‘Can you make it extra huskier?’ No problem!!!!”

“Here we go with the Valentines adverts! #VO @agentdaeche,” she added.

Her Instagram account also features pictures from her most recent acting jobs.

How did Kelvin Fletcher meet his wife?


Kelvin Fletcher’s wife, Liz Marsland has known Kelvin since they were children. The English actor, who played the handsome farmer Andy Sugden in Emmerdale, met Eliza at school and she was the first girl he ever kissed. He was just eight. 

“I’ve known her since she was eight,” he said to some Strictly Come Dancing fans. 

The pair lost contact when she went to university, and Kelvin was working on TV but their future together appears to have been destined. 

Their love story began when the actor was in a bar in Manchester and by a remarkable chance, he found Eliza again. “I’m in a random bar in Manchester and who of all people appears in the crowd dancing towards me?” he said.

The couple finally got together 10 years ago, and in a secret ceremony on 28th November 2015, they married at London’s One Mayfair. They chose the place because it could easily be transformed into a magical land with candles, white roses and hydrangeas. 

“We did consider a more traditional wedding but we both love London and thought we would make a weekend of it for everyone just before Christmas,” said Kelvin. “We had people coming from far and wide so it seemed like a good place to all come together.”

Is Kelvin Fletcher’s wife an actress?

Yes, Liz Marsland who is Kelvin Fletcher’s wife is an actress.

Kelvin Fletcher, the soap star-turned-racing driver, won the most recent series of Strictly with his professional dance partner Oti. The dancing competitors who danced their way to victory during the last series of Strictly, were spotted partying till 3.30 am at the Sanctum Soho Hotel in London. Kelvin was seen in the hotel lobby looking strained the next day. 

And since the actor who’s been married for five years, has been away touring the country with the Strictly dance show, Kelvin Fletcher’s wife Liz Marsland reportedly ‘felt like a fool’ after her husband was out with his dance partner till 3 am or was she acting? 

Actress Liz Marsland insisted her marriage to Kelvin was still on after his night out with Strictly dancer Oti – insisting she only wasn’t wearing her wedding ring because she’d gone for a tan.

She posted on Instagram: “That ring is heavy. It only comes out on special occasions! Oh and it was fake tan day #nodramahere.”

How long has Kelvin Fletcher been married?


Kelvin married his long-time girlfriend in 2015, and they welcomed their daughter Marnie in August 2016 and son Milo (both babies have their names starting with “M”) in 2019. About being married to his highschool sweetheart, Kelvin stated:

“When she walked down that aisle she took my breath away. Best moment of my life, it was just amazing,” he said about their wedding day. “I just want Liz to know how lucky I feel. Thank you for giving me two amazing incredible children.”

Does Kelvin Fletcher have kids?

PC: Hello Magazine

Kelvin Fletcher’s wife Liz Marsland and himself have two daughters – Marnie who is three and Milo who is one.

On lockdown life with his family, Kelvin told HELLO! magazine that he is enjoying it after touring on his busy time on Strictly.

“After an intense four or five months of regular family life being disrupted, to be at the other end of the spectrum, where I’m constantly at home – in a weird way, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me and Liz, and for the kids. We look back on the whole Strictly experience fondly, one we experienced as a family together. We’ve been together for many years and we’re so happy with each other, in our little bubble.”

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